The Tribulations of Dawn – Storyline


Dawn’s problems begin when she’s distracted by two attractive gentlemen at the announcement of her employer’s new invention. She’s supposed to be providing security, but the Professor’s gizmo is stolen while she’s otherwise engaged.

Determined to make up for her mistake, she sets off in hot pursuit but by the time she catches her light-fingered foe, the item has been passed on.

The gizmo could revolutionise the steam technology industry that has made Britain a power on the world stage. But if the enemies of the Empire get a hold of it, they could use it for nefarious purposes.

So begins Dawn’s long quest to not only recover the gizmo, but keep hold of it long enough to return it to her employer.

Along the way, she must deal with thieves, burglars, Madams, Policemen, Magistrates, ruffians, kidnappers and more!

The first book in the series is out now. You’ll find our heroine already in the middle of her adventures as she visits and exclusive ladies only club in London for clues.

The full title of the book is Dawn and the London Society for Governesses, Young Ladies of Quality and Serving Girls!

Phew, what a mouthful!