The Chronicles of Mercy – Storyline


Orphaned at a young age, Mercy has spent the last decade being educated at Europe’s finest boarding schools. All the while, her desire to focus on science, mathematics and engineering has been thwarted.

Such things are not ladylike or even civilised, her teachers tell her. On the Continent, the pursuit of steam technology is seen as a peculiarly British disease.

Instead, the European schools teach languages, housekeeping, embroidery, manners, formal dancing, music, art, religion and history. The skills that any gentlewoman in need of a husband, might wish to have and which Mercy finds of little practical value.

When Mercy receives word from the executors of her parent’s estate, that her time at schools abroad has finished, she is excited to return to Britain.

Imagining her education is complete and that now she is of age, she will finally be free to use her trust fund to follow in her parent’s footsteps, she is excited to come home.

For Mercy’s mother and father were scientists and engineers and her fondest desire is to become the worlds great steam-smith.

On her return to London, the law firm that handles her trust informs her that she must attend an Academy in England. If Mercy is to inherit, she must do everything she can to win the approval of Miss Hawk, the Headmistress of the Academy.

For if she is expelled, or leaves of her own free will, she will forfeit the majority of her inheritance.

The nervous young lawyer tasked with delivering the bad news warns her that Miss Hawk’s Academy has a reputation for stern discipline.

Along the way, she’ll deal with a fearsome Deputy Head, Prefects, a quite scandalous bounty hunter, a conspiracy to bring Britain to its knees, and much more!

Can Mercy stay out of trouble? What will she learn at the Academy?