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This page is here to specifically give more information which is all minor spoilers for The Chronicles of Mercy. If you want this info, that’s fine but please don’t share it and please don’t expect me to be sympathetic if you come here and read this and then complain.

You have been warned!

The Chronicles of Mercy Minor Spoilers

When Mercy arrives at Miss Hawk’s Academy she has spent the decade since her parents were killed in a horrible accident, being educated at Europe’s finest Continental boarding schools.

Untouched by the enlightenment in Britain that Queen Victoria has created, the education she’s received has been of good quality but highly conservative and aimed at churning out future mothers and housewives for gentlemen of good fortune.

Mercy had thought she would be free to pursue her dream of following in her mother’s footsteps, in part to honour her memory. Her parents were steam-smiths, engineers, inventors and scientists. In Europe, such knowledge is considered borderline heretical, as the Churches still hold sway over the lives of the people. Her access to scientific textbooks was limited and there was no chance of obtaining cutting edge material.

She’s thus dismayed to find she’ll be sent to yet another school, which she assumes will be equally restrictive. But she can’t refuse to go, nor can she allow herself to be expelled. The lawyers tell her that if she is expelled, or leaves of her own accord then she’ll be given a small stipend, enough to keep her in a small country cottage, but not nearly enough to have a laboratory, workshop and all the material she’ll need to be an inventor. She would have to start from scratch without her parent’s fortune. She is told this is because they wanted to ensure she stuck to her education long enough to become worthy of the fund and the executor is the final arbiter of this decision.

Further to this, she is warned by the kind young solicitor sent to inform her of these specifics, that he has heard that Miss Hawk’s Academy is particularly strict with young ladies and that they do not spare rod, by any stretch of the imagination. He stresses that she should know he has only heard these tales third hand but that his own boarding school was particularly fond of the cane, far more so than the European schools and that even at his University students would receive corporal punishment if they crossed the Professors.

Mercy is not intimidated by such tales, as nothing could be worse than the torture of having limited access to books in her mind. Even given her liberal, British upbringing, she had managed to avoid being too frequently given detentions and extra chores at most of her schools so she considers herself well versed in school politics.

Mercy’s First Day At Miss Hawk’s Academy

The Academy is not what she expects at all. The ladies study science, mathematics, fencing and wrestling. They are taught to shoot, drive and ride astride a horse, not side saddle.

On her first day, she is ushered into the art class and, as the new student, becomes the life model for that day. Told to strip naked, she is made to pose before the class while they draw her, something that would absolutely scandlise her former schoolmates, no doubt. But when the lesson is nearly finished, her teacher tells her that she has ill-disciplined and rude for not posing well. Producing a rope, she binds Mercy’s breasts most tightly in a complicated series of loops and knots, until they are squeezed in front of her. Then she is sent to the Deputy Head Mistress, escorted, naked and still bound through the Academy hallways to her office.

Once there, she receives a caning for the first time and gets a distinct impression that her teacher is enjoying it a great deal. All this raises strange feelings within her, a fierce heat and moistness between her legs that she is shocked to discover feels similar to those nights in recent months when she explored her newly adult body with tentative fingertips.

Mercy expects her first day will improve when the Deputy sends her to the Academy’s nurse. There at least, her breasts are finally unbound but even that is not without discomfort. The nurse gives her a very thorough physical check-up and advises that she is not smartly turned out enough to avoid further discipline at the school, under Miss Hawk’s rules. The nurse offers to help her fit in, and when Mercy agrees, she finds the fine bush of hair between her legs, being trimmed and shaved back to little more than a mere line above her nether lips. Spotting how damp she is, the nurse makes several lewd & suggestive remarks that do nothing to improve Mercy’s hot and bothered state.

Taken under the wing of a prefect and dressed in appropriate clothing for a lady which comes as a welcome relief after years of dull blue uniforms, Mercy begins to learn more about life at the school but is summoned for an evening meal with the Headmistress, an honour which the ladies in her house are most surprised by. 

Mercy attempts to complain about the punishment and treatment she has received, particularly at the hands of the cruel Deputy Head who seemed not just happy to cane her, but delighted to. But Miss Hawk responds by having her strip naked once more, and then inspecting the caned areas, pointing out that her Deputy is one of the worlds foremost experts on the matter, and has left no marks that will have any more permanence than a few days. She advises Mercy that if the bruises seem too bad in a day or two, she should speak to the Deputy head and show her the effects, as some girls don’t react as well to the kiss of bamboo but she has no more sympathy than that. 

Miss Hawk and Mercy

Headmistress Hawk soon has Mercy attending private tutoring periods with her, ostensibly to catch her up on life at the academy and ensure she doesn’t fall behind girls who arrived at the start of the much longer British academic year. 

Miss Hawk positions herself as Mercy’s mentor in all things sexual and explains that girls at the Academy are expected to learn how to use their body and mind to the advantage of themselves and in service of their country. Mercy certainly doesn’t object to the hours of rigorous instruction in cunnilingus, which begin with Miss Hawk’s tongue bringing her to a series of orgasms far more powerful than any climax she has reached from her own fingers. She quickly learns to delight in pleasuring Miss Hawk in a similar manner. 

It isn’t long before Mercy discovers that Miss Hawk enjoys the company of men as well as women, and she begins to introduce Mercy to them, teaching her to use her mouth to please them. Men she explains, are easily influenced by a woman in full control of her body and mind. If one learns to take pleasure in such things as skilful fellatio, a young woman can extract nearly any favour or information from a man that she might desire or require. 

She also discovers that Miss Hawk has a particularly demanding academic calendar worked out for her and that she will be earning a full University accredited degree at the academy. Some students take five or six years, but Miss Hawk thinks if she puts her mind to it, Mercy might finish sooner. 

But while Mercy takes lessons she sorely needs in all manner of areas that excite her both sexually and academically, Miss Hawk also organises field trips for the ladies, where they learn how to comport themselves in a wide variety of situations. At an embassy ball, Mercy overhears the members of a conspiracy plotting to destabilise Britain! Taking it upon herself to protect her country, she keeps her knowledge to herself and decides to bring the conspiracy crashing down.

She must work against the conspirators in secret, all the while keeping Miss Hawk happy with her academic progress and satiated in the bedroom, making friends, studying science, passing exams and making sure not to end up on the receiving end of the Deputy Head’s cane!


But with all that’s going on, Miss Hawk has a secret that she keeps close to her chest. What is Miss Hawk hiding and why?

What sex scenes will play out in these books? Will there be a HEA?

Although Mercy does not begin knowing it, she is bisexual and so is Miss Hawk. As the mentor teaches her new favourite student, the pair become romantically involved and their love will remain strong, despite challenges, throughout the series. There will be a HEA including marriage in their future even if it takes many books to reach it. Yes, in this universe, Queen Victoria legalises marriage between consenting adults.

The books will feature sexy times including but not limited to the following:

  • Discipline in the form of hand spanking and punishment with canes, paddles, floggers, the strop and other devices
  • Erotic play using steampunk devices that use electricity & steam (safely!) to induce sensations of mild pain and eros
  • A dominant (Mistress Hawk) and submissive/switch (Mercy) relationship
  • Sex between Mercy and Mistress Hawk and both male and female third parties
  • Including oral, anal and vaginal
  • Mercy will also have encounters with other Academy tutors, prefects and students, and a range of off-campus dalliances
  • Many of the encounters will be arranged by Miss Hawk for training and her pleasure but other encounters will not result in strain on the primary characters relationship
  • Not that Mercy won’t get spanked for being naughty, of course
  • Miss Hawk will train Mercy to play a dominant role, probably just with others but there’s bound to be at least one time that Mercy turns the tables on her Headmistress

Aside from the naughty conspirators and other criminal foes, the books are going to be happy. Mercy is going to have a lot of fun, I’m not going to make her relationship with Miss Hawk a series of attempts to make readers distraught with worry that they’ll break up.