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Before practice makes perfect, a submissive must be trained.

Amber has been seduced by her new boss, a lesbian billionaire with a taste for submissive younger women.

Accepting her new role as Susanna’s personal assistant was one thing, exploring her new interests in lesbian play is quite another.

For Amber to fit in with the hedonistic lifestyle that Susanna enjoys with her lesbian harem of naughty women, she’ll require training.

Fortunately, Susanna has plenty of experience with inexperienced young lesbians and new subs. She’s confident that her training will give Amber the skills she needs to fit in.

Susanna’s lesbian maids, Candy and Sugar, are more than willing to help deliver the lessons their Mistress has planned.

Amber has been told that the cook, Pudding, loves to dish out harsh punishment spankings to the naughty maids, just as much as she loves to dish out amazing food.

Can Amber learn how to satisfy her new Mistress?

Will Susanna’s disciplinary measures help Amber flourish, or scare her off?

What will happen when Amber meets Pudding for the first time?

Buy Trained by Her Lesbian Boss now, and find out how an alpha dominant lesbian billionaire runs her private lesbian harem and teaches the lessons any new lesbian yearns to learn?

Trained by Her Lesbian Boss is 15,000 words of spanking, cunnilingus, lesbian, older woman/younger woman, corporal punishment, voyeurism, humour, teasing, exhibitionism, Ffff, Ff, ff, fingering, lesbian training, bondage and mild BDSM play. It is only suitable for adults.

The Submissive Lesbian Personal Assistant series is now complete and available as a complete box set, containing all six books.

You can get Her Lesbian Boss on Amazon in Kindle or paperback editions.

As with all my books, it is also available free in Kindle Unlimited.