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Amber is facing disciplinary measures not listed in her employee handbook

Amber’s prior experience as a personal assistant brought her to the attention of a headhunter.

After a series of interviews, she finally earns a once in a lifetime chance to work alongside a self-made millionaire.

No amount of practice could have prepared Amber for the downright eccentric techniques Susanna Hamilton uses to probe her every weakness and determine her suitability for the job.

Once Amber passes her tests, Susanna tells her the job is a live-in position and they travel to her country estate.

There, Susanna offers Amber a tempting glimpse of a luxurious lifestyle that lies just within her reach.

Susanna’s staff must deliver perfect service or face her strict disciplinary methods.

When Amber steps out of line, how will she handle being punished by her lesbian boss?

Buy Punished by Her Lesbian Boss now and find out how Amber deals with her first encounters with Susanna.

Punished by Her Lesbian Boss is 17,500 words of first time lesbian seduction, older woman/younger woman, lesbian submissive and domme play, corporal punishment, paddles, voyeurism, teasing, exhibitionism, Ffff, Ff, ff, fingering, and other mild BDSM. It is only suitable for adults and uses British spelling.

Note: In March 2020, this book was edited again for the omnibus edition. Around 4,000 words of content were added and reported typos dealt with.

The Submissive Lesbian Personal Assistant series is now complete and available as a complete box set, containing all six books.

You can get Her Lesbian Boss on Amazon in Kindle or paperback editions.

As with all my books, it is also available free in Kindle Unlimited.