Amber’s new boss Susanna seduces her with a hedonistic lifestyle

Amber has a rare opportunity to work closely with Susanna Hamilton, a wealthy entrepreneur, as her personal assistant.

Overwhelmed in her final interview by the charismatic personality of the older woman, Amber finds herself crossing some surprising boundaries.

Having passed Susanna’s unusual test, Amber is offered the job, and told that she will be working and living at her boss’s country estate. Even the requirement that she wears a blindfold to protect Susanna’s privacy on the drive there isn’t going to put Amber off.

A glimpse of the luxuriously decadent lifestyle her boss offers proves to be an irresistible temptation to the young woman.

The only snag? Susanna’s staff must deliver perfect service or face her strict disciplinary methods.

When Amber steps out of line, how will she handle being punished by her lesbian boss?

Buy Her Lesbian Boss: The Complete Box Set now, to find out what happens when Amber becomes the personal assistant to a wealthy older lesbian and is unable to resist the life that she can offer her. How will Amber and Susanna’s story play out? Will Amber find herself the mere plaything of a billionaire or will their relationship develop into something more?

Her Lesbian Boss is a complete series of over 122,000 words of erotica. It features an older woman seducing a younger woman into a first time lesbian relationship, and how that develops from there.

You’ll find lesbian sub/domme play, corporal punishment, ponygirls, oil wrestling, voyeurism, threesomes, group sex, oral sex, discipline, lesbian maids, and general BDSM. There is a HEA. It is only suitable for adults and uses British spelling.

This box set includes books 1-6 of the Submissive Lesbian Personal Assistant in one convenient volume.