Will thinks he was bitten by a wolf, but that’s only half the truth.

Wolves are extinct in England, so no-one at university believes biology student Will when he tells them one bit him in while he was in a local wood studying flowers.

Determined to prove them all wrong and recover his shattered reputation, Will sets up on a nearby hill to get a photo of the beast.

Then he meets Brian, a strangely charismatic millionaire landowner he feels an instant connection to.

Accepting an offer of shelter from a complete stranger doesn’t seem necessary on a sunny day, but it isn’t long before Will arrives at Brian’s house seeking sanctuary from the torrential rain.

But why is Brian so generous with his time and help? What does he know about the wolf that bit Will? And why does Will feel so comfortable in the house of a complete stranger? How strong must the coffee Brian gave him to make his heart beat so fast?

Buy now and find out how Will becomes theĀ Consort of the Werewolf King.

Consort of the Werewolf KingĀ is a gay paranormal romance series, featuring hot werewolves, with a HEA. This is an omnibus edition of the first four books. The books all have a high heat level between Will and his alpha, Brian and book four, includes scenes with multiple partners, outside the primary relationship.

Books in this volume:

Bitten by the Alpha

Claimed by the Alpha

Trained by the Alpha

Initiated by the Pack