Tonight, Amber must submit to Pepper.

After Amber used sneaky tactics to win the race against Mistress and Ginger, she has been ordered to atone for leading her ponygirl, Pepper, astray.

The decree is simple. Since Pepper was harshly punished for refusing to tell tales on her, Amber must submit to the ponies for her own punishment, and for their pleasure.

Hoping to indulge their voyeuristic side, Sugar and Candy ask Mistress Susanna if they can go and watch but their plan backfires, and they’re ordered to submit alongside Amber instead.

How will Pepper take revenge on Amber?

What torments will the ponygirls, Pepper and Ginger inflict on Amber, Sugar and Candy?

Buy A Dash of Pepper now, and enjoy the fun as Pepper gets to play the dominant role for the night!

A Dash of Pepper is a 5,000 word short story. It features spanking, cunnilingus, lesbian threesomes, foursomes and group sex, corporal punishment, voyeurism, humour, Fffff, Fffff, Ffff, Fff, Ff, fingering, strapon play, teasing, bondage, BDSM play and more. It is only suitable for adults.


Note: If you’d like to find out how Amber got herself in this mess, read Raced by Her Lesbian Boss, book 4 of my Submissive Lesbian Personal Assistant.