Links to friends, resources and books you might enjoy

As you can probably guess, this is where I’ll be leaving links to fellow authors, resources you might find interesting or useful and services I can recommend. 

If you’d like to be added to the page, just drop me an email.

Alexa Sommers

Alexa is an erotic fiction author and has just finished her first series, Level Up. 

Personally, I can’t wait to read her next series and will be a lifelong fan. 

What could be better than an author who writes about gamers and geeks and makes them really sexy?

It’s wonderful to see one of my own hobbies, roleplaying, being treated with respect. Usually, we’re the villains or the victims in fiction. 

Level Up – A complete series

The fifth and final book in the Level Up series is now available on Amazon. This book continues the exploration into the lives of Suzanne Andrews, Dillon Strands and their fellow Game Design Students as they push forth with their exploration of love and lust.


“That girl has the defenses of a level twenty fighter in masterwork mithral armor. It’s not going to be easy.”

Dillon Strands’ has finally determined what he truly wants. Unfortunately, what he wants is a women riddled with issues brought on by a traumatic past, who is unwilling to accept the love he has to offer. He has no intention of letting that stand in his way.


Can he push past Suzie’s barriers and finally capture her heart?

Carlotta Black

Carlotta is my co-author on the Hellcat Academy books, the first of which came out in October 2019.