Amber’s only experience with women, has been in her fantasies. Until now.

Amber has made it to the final interview for the job of a lifetime, Personal Assistant to wealthy businesswoman, Susanna Hamilton.

When she finally meets the confident older woman she hopes will be her new boss, Amber is asked to do things that are well outside of her comfort zone.

Can Amber summon the courage to do as Susanna demands, or will she stand her ground and risk missing out on an amazing opportunity?

Will Susanna convince her latest employee that total obedience has rewards beyond her wildest dreams?

Starting with Punished by Her Lesbian Boss, this series tells the story of a young woman in her twenties being seduced by a more mature and confident woman.

Her new boss isn’t just a gorgeous lesbian billionaire, offering Amber a magical first-time experience, she’s a domme who wants to bring her new employee on her knees, where she belongs.

This is an erotica series containing lesbian play, BDSM, ponyplay, spanking, caning, teasing, strapons, group sex, and naughty French maids. Amber is part of a lesbian harem that belongs to a dominant, wealthy woman. It is only suitable for adults.

To accompany the main series, I’ve started writing some true short stories, starting with A Dash of Pepper (5K words). They’re just little nibbles and the series will be Amber’s Culinary Adventures.

They’re intended to be read in Kindle Unlimited which won’t cost you anything, beyond your subscription. The lowest price I can put them on Amazon is $0.99 cents/£0.99 pence.

You’re welcome to buy them outright if that’s how you get your ebooks (if you read a fair bit, particularly in genres such as fantasy, romance, sci-fi, thrillers and erotica) I think Kindle Unlimited is a great deal.

It quickly becomes cheaper than buying books outright, and you can still buy them later if you really want to make an author’s day!*

If you want to buy them cheaply, I will release the shorts as an omnibus when I’ve done six or seven and that will be priced low as well.

I don’t want people who have no objection to paying a dollar or pound for a short story to have to wait in the meantime though. 

You can see the full series of books on Amazon here: 

Amazon UK – Amber’s Culinary Adventures (still uploading as I update the page but search for it on Amazon and you’ll find it)

Amazon US – Amber’s Culinary Adventures (still uploading as I update the page but search for it on Amazon and you’ll find it)

*If you want to do that, I suppose I could put up an Amazon Wishlist but a review on Amazon or on Goodreads is just as special to me 🙂