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Initiated by the Pack is Out Now on Amazon

Initiated by the Pack is the fourth book in the Consort of the Werewolf King series and you can (finally!) find out what happens when William joins the pack to go through his Rite of Change.

He’s going to face some considerable challenges, despite the training that Brian has given him and he’s got to make a lot of new friends. Can he complete the Rite or will he be overwhelmed when he meets the pack and they initiate him to their brotherhood?

Here’s all the info.

To become a werewolf, William must undergo the arduous Rite of Change.

William is deeply in love and lust with alpha werewolf, Brian. If he wants to complete the process that started with The Bite, he’ll have to complete his Rite of Change. The only thing is, he has no idea what will be required of him. Does he have the strength of will to rise to the challenge?


Brian has trained his new cub as best he knows how. But is it enough for William to be able to complete the Rite of Change? There are no guarantees in love or life, and even the alphs of the pack can’t be certain his new cub will become a werewolf and join the pack.

Can William complete his initiation to the pack and make his new life at the feet of the werewolf alpha his soul belong to? 

Initiated by the Pack is the fourth in a series of M/m steamy paranormal romance novellas with some elements of mild BDSM and kink. This book contains mm, mmm, mmmm scenes.

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