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Enchanted: Hellcat Academy: Succubus – Book 1

Everyone knows a succubus can’t fall in love…


Izzy was running unopposed to be the next Queen of the Hellcat Academy succubus sorority. Now she has an opponent. Her good friend Kaos.

If Kaos had behaved better in their freshman year, Queen Demonique wouldn’t still be teaching her object lessons. This time, to avoid another harsh punishment meted out by the queen, Kaos will do as she’s told.

Now they’ll have to compete in the Trials of Power to prove that they have the skill and power, to be the next Queen.

Intimate liaisons generate the unique energy succubi feed on to survive day to day. But the Trials can’t be undertaken, even with a powerful vampire as a lover. To win, Izzy and Kaos will need to recruit their own harems to feed on. The more potent their recruits are, the better.


Their first Trial is on Halloween, at the party they throw for Hellcat Academy students. That’s when maverick engineering entrepreneur, Brody, walks straight through their protective glamour into the mansion. Izzy rushes to usher him out, but ends up talking to him instead.

Izzy is strangely drawn to Brody, and it’s not just because he’s six feet of deliciousness. At least, not entirely. But a harem is no place for a human, no matter how enticing Izzy finds him, and she can’t make him her recruit that night, can she?

Who will Kaos find to join her harem?

Can Izzy pass Brody up? Or will she find herself, enchanted?


Buy Enchanted now, to find out how Izzy learns to understand the strange feelings she’s having for Brody!

Enchanted is a paranormal academy reverse harem romance. Expect plenty of steamy scenes as Izzy and Kaos recruit their harems and feed on them. Izzy’s partnerships will be slow-burn romances that lead to a HEA by the end of the series, while Kaos intends to take a less romantic approach to her harem. Will she find her own HEA despite herself? The Hellcat Academy: Succubus series contains swearing & explicit sexual situations featuring characters of university age and above. Only suitable for adults who enjoy a high heat level and naughty succubi!

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