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Dawn and The Galvanic Capacitor is Out Now

A Tribulations of Dawn Adventure

I’m pleased to say the cover came in for my latest book and it’s now live on Amazon.

The book is about a young lady called Dawn who lives in a steampunk version of Victorian Britain.

While Dawn is supposed to be keeping an eye on Professor Whitlock and the prototype of his brand new invention, The Galvanic Capacitor, she’s actually in the backstage area, having fun with two army officers. 

Because she’s not paying attention to her job, the device is stolen by an opportunistic thief. She has to get it back at all costs. 

This particular book is a short story, it’s just a nice sample of what Dawn is like and a peek into her world. I’ll be writing two types of books in The Tribulations of Dawn setting.

The Adventures will be short stories and they’ll be quick, dirty erotica reads. 

The main series will be novellas which will feature some adventure and action but will still concentrate on erotic thrills. 

Dawn has broad tastes so you’ll get to read about her encounters with all sorts of naughty people. It’ll be clear in the book description what you’ll find within so for instance, ‘mmf’ means Dawn is going to have some fun with two men. 

I’ll be concentrating on the main series but will write Adventures now and then, particularly when there’s some naughtiness that Dawn wants to indulge in, that’s not relevant to the main plot. 

Here’s the book description and links to purchases the book or borrow it in Kindle Unlimited for free. It’s just £0.99/$0.99 as it’s a short story. 

A taste for hedonistic pleasures has put Dawn’s career at risk.


Dawn is a private detective, bounty hunter and bodyguard and she’s just let down her latest employer.

Professor Whitlock should have been demonstrating the prototype of his brand new invention, the world’s first Galvanic Capacitor. Before he can give his speech, a dastardly thief makes off with it!

If Dawn hadn’t been entertaining Captain Rogers & Lieutenant Smithers in the tent backstage, she could have stopped the theft.

Now she must chase the villain down and retrieve the device, to have any chance of regaining her credibility.

Buy Dawn and The Galvanic Capacitor now to find out what Dawn was doing that distracted her from the job in hand and how she responds when the Professor’s wife questions her absence.

The Tribulations of Dawn Adventures are erotic short stories set in a steampunk Victorian Britain with bold, adventuresome heroines. This story includes MMF play and is only suitable for adults.

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