Consort of the Werewolf King

Note: This information is deliberately sparse but if you would prefer to read the books and avoid the possibility of spoilers, please stop reading now. 

In the world that William and Brian inhabit, werewolves are every bit as unbelievable as they are in ours. The general public no longer believes in such things as vampires or werewolves or the faerie folk. So it comes as something of a surprise to William to learn that werewolves, at least, are very real. 

The Country House

Brian lives in a typical English country house, the sort of place that is usually managed by the National Trust and is several centuries old. There are gardens and a large amount of farm and woodland on his estate and he lives, alone, in the huge Tudor house. It is in Hampshire, a little way north-west of Winchester and relatively near the Iron Age hill fort at Danebury.   

Southern England is a green and pleasant land, full of ancient woodlands and hill forts, barrows and henges. The area is steeped in the history and mythology of Britain and the telltale signs of Roman occupation and ancient beliefs are easy to find, for those who know how to look. Brian has lived in the area for a long time and is familiar with all its nooks and crannies, it’s myths and legends. His life of service to his country is now behind him and he roams the countryside seeking something to give him purpose, or possibly someone. He has friends but nothing more intimate than the connection he has with the land and fabric of Britain. 


In this alternate modern Britain, werewolves are real but keep themselves to themselves. They do not rampage about the countryside eating people, or attack farm animals. They are serious and otherworldly creatures and whilst they share a connection with both wolf and man, they are truly their own beasts, with their own desires and concerns. They form packs for friendship, strength, protection and more but they are not really like wolf packs. They do not have to be a family and they can create new werewolves if they wish. 

Unlike wolves, they are not a family group by birth but a group of werewolves who choose to be a family for their own reasons. In fact, they are rarely directly related by blood, blood descendants usually leave to form their own packs or join others rather than stay near their immediate family. 

The Novellas

The Consort of the Werewolf King is planned as a sequence of novella lengths books which will each cover a short period of the relationship between William and his alpha, Brian. As their relationship deepens, William will have to confront not only his unfamiliar feelings for this man but the realities of the life that werewolves lead. 

The reader will go along with William as he discovers the hidden world he would have dismissed as make-believe mere weeks before he first met Brian. 

  • Each novella will contain a segment of the relationship between William and Brian
  • There will be generous helpings of naughty bits
  • As well as generous helpings of romantic (but possibly also, naughty) bits
  • The naughty bits will focus on M/m encounters
  • There is an element of a D/s relationship between Brian and William
  • There are also light elements of other BDSM play
  • In future novellas, William will meet Brian’s pack and members of other packs


The Future

It is my hope that people will warm to William, Brian and their pack mates. If this is the case I have plans to publish additional material to the main novellas.

  • Short stories that focus purely on humour or their relationship
  • Short stories about some naughty times they share
  • Novels about Brian and William and featuring some of the struggles packs must face
  • Novellas about secondary characters that people would like to hear about
  • Action ‘heavy’ novellas/short stories

For the time being, though, I will be concentrating on how Brian and William progress in their relationship and why a cub would be quite so cheeky, even though he knows he’ll get in trouble.