Claimed by the Alpha

Claimed by the Alpha is the second book in the Consort of the Werewolf King series and readers will find out more about the growing relationship between Brian, an alpha and The Werewolf King and William his new cub. Does William want to become a werewolf? Will he accept his sexual awakening or reject it? What new surprises lie in wait for William?

This is somewhat late as I posted all over my social media accounts when I released Claimed by the Alpha on Jan 10th but forgot the blog on my own website! Bad author! I’m actually posting this on Sat 25th Feb.

There’s a lot to get done as a new author and I find myself constantly setting up new things, adjusting settings and improving on the information I’ve got up. It’s an iterative process and it just goes to show, if you’re completely organised, you can avoid silly mistakes like this.

  • Step 1 – Write book
  • Step 2 – Publish Book
  • Step 3 – Blog and add your book to your own website
  • Step 4 – Publicise your book on social media accounts

Let that be a lesson to any new authors out there but don’t worry, we all make such mistakes as we learn the craft and business side of being an indie author.  A checklist of everything you need to do, in the correct order, is a great thing to have but it’s never as important as writing the next book.

Hopefully, I will do better when Trained by the Alpha launches. This post is late going up but I wanted to add one to acknowledge that and because the people can see it in the future. I’m going to backdate it to Jan 10th to keep it in a sensible place in the timeline but I don’t actually know if that’s a good idea or not. We’ll have to see, experiments are fun 🙂