Dawn and the Pilferer’s Punishment – An Erotic Steampunk Adventure

The Tribulations of Dawn Book 1

One way or another, Dawn will get her satisfaction from the thief when she catches him!

Dawn is determined to catch the man who stole her employer’s ingenious new invention, The Galvanic Capacitor, and she’s already in hot pursuit, chasing him through the parks of Cardiff.

When she gets her hands on him, this young chancer is going to get what’s coming to him, in more ways than one.

Buy Dawn and The Pilferer’s Punishment and find out what Dawn does to the man who not only stole a highly valuable prototype but also made her look like a fool in front of the Professor and his lovely young wife!

The Tribulations of Dawn are erotic adventure novellas set in a steampunk Victorian Britain with a bold and intrepid heroine. This story includes MF, MM & MMF play and is only suitable for adults.


Dawn and The Galvanic Capacitor – An Erotic Steampunk Adventure

A Tribulations of Dawn Adventure

A taste for hedonistic pleasures has put Dawn’s career at risk.

Dawn is a private detective, bounty hunter and bodyguard and she’s just let down her latest employer.

Professor Whitlock should have been demonstrating the prototype of his brand new invention, the world’s first Galvanic Capacitor. Before he can give his speech, a dastardly thief makes off with it!

If Dawn hadn’t been entertaining Captain Rogers & Lieutenant Smithers in the tent backstage, she could have stopped the theft.

Now she must chase the villain down and retrieve the device, to have any chance of regaining her credibility.

Buy Dawn and The Galvanic Capacitor now to find out what Dawn was doing that distracted her from the job in hand and how she responds when the Professor’s wife questions her absence.

The Tribulations of Dawn Adventures are erotic short stories set in a steampunk Victorian Britain with bold, adventuresome heroines. This story includes MMF play and is only suitable for adults.

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Bitten by the Alpha - Consort of the Werewolf King Book 1

Dawn and the London Society

Dawn is an adventuress, a bounty hunter and detective, used to chasing hardened criminals through the steam-powered streets of Victorian England. She can hold her own against the roughest street toughs of Whitechapel, track down a cunning thief and rescue kidnapped maidens.

When she applies for membership of The London Society for Governesses, Young Ladies of Quality and Serving Girls she must face challenges that might defeat even her. If she wants to be a Young Lady of Quality, she must first impress the Governesses who run one of the most exclusive clubs for Gentlewomen in England.

Contains scenes of an adult nature involving spanking, caning, lesbians, strap-ons and more. Not suitable for the easily offended.

This is a standalone story but Dawn will return in more adventures soon.