Bitten by the Alpha Published on Amazon

I’ve now published Bitten by the Alpha to Kindle and it should be available on Amazon soon. I will post links to the book as soon as it’s actually live. I’m not sure if anyone is interested but after you have produced your ebook file and ‘published’ it to Amazon there’s an agonising wait before they put it on their site. Currently, I’m sat here, trying not refresh every few minutes whilst I wait for the book to go live.

It takes up to 72 hours so it’s really not a good idea to watch it like a hawk. Instead, I’ve been trying to get on with updates to the website and getting the second book ready. I hope to have that up relatively soon and now I know that I need to allow a 72-hour window to make sure it’s published when I want.

I hope people enjoy the first book and I’m looking forward to writing more in this series and expanding on the world of Brian and William.