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New Release: Trained, Raced & Shared by Her Lesbian Boss!

News and Future Projects Since my last blog post, I've released quite a few books, mainly in the Submissive Lesbian Personal Assistant series. There are now five books in the SLPA series and I plan to end the first story arc with book six, Driven by her Lesbian Boss....

New Release: Enchanted – Hellcat Academy: Succubus Book 1

Preview BelowEnchanted Enchanted: Hellcat Academy: Succubus – Book 1 Everyone knows a succubus can’t fall in love…   Izzy was running unopposed to be the next Queen of the Hellcat Academy succubus sorority. Now she has an opponent. Her good friend Kaos. If Kaos...

New Release: Punished & Seduced by Her Lesbian Boss

Preview BelowPunished by Her Lesbian Boss Submissive Lesbian Personal Assistant - Book 1 Amber’s new job has both more perks and more duties than she expected. The final interview stage to be Susanna Hamilton’s personal assistant, places demands on her willpower, like...

New Release: Dawn and The Pilferer’s Punishment

Preview BelowDawn and The Pilferer's Punishment is Out Now The Tribulations of Dawn - Book 1 The first Dawn book in the main series has launched and follows on immediately from Dawn and the Galvanic Capacitor.  One way or another, Dawn will get her satisfaction from...
Dawn and the Galvanic Capacitor

New Release: Dawn and the Galvanic Capacitor

Preview BelowDawn and The Galvanic Capacitor is Out Now A Tribulations of Dawn Adventure I'm pleased to say the cover came in for my latest book and it's now live on Amazon. The book is about a young lady called Dawn who lives in a steampunk version of Victorian...
Initiated by the Pack

New Release: Initiated by the Pack Book 4

Preview Below Initiated by the Pack is Out Now on Amazon Initiated by the Pack is the fourth book in the Consort of the Werewolf King series and you can (finally!) find out what happens when William joins the pack to go through his Rite of Change. He's going to face...

Bitten by the Alpha – $0.99/£0.99 Price Drop – Feb 25th

Bitten by the Alpha Temporary Price Drop to $0.99/£0.99 If you haven't got your copy yet, Bitten by the Alpha is currently down to $0.99/£0.99 for a limited time only, in the run-up to the release of Trained by the Alpha. You can find out more below or follow the link...

Claimed by the Alpha – Consort of the Werewolf King – Book 2

Claimed by the Alpha Claimed by the Alpha is the second book in the Consort of the Werewolf King series and readers will find out more about the growing relationship between Brian, an alpha and The Werewolf King and William his new cub. Does William want to become a...

Bitten by the Alpha – First Sale

Uploading my First Book and My First Sale I published the first book in my Consort of the Werewolf King series and it went live on Amazon last night. I had already discovered last night that, to my horror, I'd uploaded my ebook file with the title 'Claimed by the...

Bitten by the Alpha – First Book Published

Bitten by the Alpha Published on Amazon I've now published Bitten by the Alpha to Kindle and it should be available on Amazon soon. I will post links to the book as soon as it's actually live. I'm not sure if anyone is interested but after you have produced your ebook...


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